The best way to monitor
your switched network.

Try to use powerful, easy, and very cheap way to monitor all your uplinks and access links. It's free.

Need an easy way to monitor your switched network?

Inperfo is perfect for novice engineers and experts alike.

By using Top you can quickly find overloaded uplinks and access ports.

With Top Max you can see spikes and potential problems.


Discover interfaces with errors and discards

You can use top by data centers, hosts and ports.


It's very easy to track your capacity

By hosts, and by data centers.


How it works?


You install and configure server and agent inside of your network


Agent collects data over SNMP and sends them into Inperfo server


Inperfo server sorts received data, group them by data centers and show you top tables and graphs

What else?

Security - all data between agent and service are encrypted

Autoupdate of interfaces - speed, description, status and so on. No manual work.

Configure and forget about it – there's no administration or any support for agent and server

Multi-vendor monitoring – agent support SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 protocols

There's no need for additional hardware - agent and server run as docker containers on Linux or Windows

Free supportwrite and call at any time